Western Oligarchy

By Simon Elmer

One of the obstacles to understanding the managed and apparently deliberate destruction of the small and medium-sized businesses that in the UK have decreased in number by half a million since 2020 and the removal of our national sovereignty on the justification of saving us from, by turns, a health crisis, an environmental crisis, an energy crisis or a cost-of-living crisis, is the question of how anyone can benefit from doing so. It’s always difficult to look into the future and predict what is going to happen, but we can look back on and try to learn from the recent past.

If we want to know where this impoverishment and disenfranchisement of the British people is leading and who will benefit, we could do worse than look at what happened to Russia in the 1990s.


The recent announcement by President Volodymyr Zelensky that, following the €100 billion in military, financial and humanitarian aid the West handed over to his Government in 2022, the US asset-managers BlackRock, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs will ‘coordinate’ its investment in the Ukraine and its vast natural resources — not only in grain, oil and gas but also in minerals and the lithium that is the primary component in electric batteries — should demonstrate to all but the most fervent blue-and-yellow-flag-waving zealots what interest the West has in this manufactured geopolitical, military and energy crisis. In preparation for the neoliberalisation of the Ukraine, Zelenskyy has already banned opposition political parties, worker’s unions and independent media platforms, passed laws to privatise state-owned businesses, banks and assets, promised to deregulate and cut corporate taxes for businesses, issued hit lists on journalists critical of his Government’s policies, and called on NATO to launch preemptive nuclear strikes on Russia.

If we want an image of where we are being led by this globalist coup — which is being implemented on the spurious justifications of protecting our health from a deadly new virus, defending Europe from ‘Mad Vlad’ Putin, and saving the planet from man-made global warming — the economic inequality, financial corruption and political disenfranchisement of the Russian people and, closer in time, the puppet Government of the Ukraine and its dance-contestant President, is a good place to look. This is an image of our future.



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