Violence, Looting, Arson in Portland as “Demonstrators” Burn the City in Protest

Protesters gathered downtown late Monday night and targeted the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center, vandalizing the buildings and attempting to break into them. According to a statement from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), demonstrators “tampered with and climbed on the gate leading under the Justice Center and pounded on plywood on the exterior of the building” and “behaved similarly at the Federal Courthouse.”

Police said protesters, who were equipped with hammers, crowbars, hammers, shields, helmets, gas masks, “and other pry tools,” pounded on the courthouse and broke the plywood covering one side of the building. They successfully broke through the plywood after midnight and broke “at least one window”:
Updated on Friday, July 24, 2020:

Protesters Are Back For The 56th Night Of Demonstrations In Portland, Oregon

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