Venezuela mobilizes army – El Pais


Caracas is reportedly moving to claim the Essequibo territory of neighboring Guyana
Venezuela mobilizes army – El Pais

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has sent troops to the border with Guyana in preparation for claiming 160,000 square kilometers of territory known as Essequibo, according to the Spanish daily El Pais.

An unknown number of Venezuelan troops has been dispatched to Puerto Barima, in the state of Delta Amacuro, the Spanish outlet said. Meanwhile, Maduro has unveiled a new map of Venezuela incorporating the territory, dubbed ‘Guyana Essequiba,’ after 10.4 million Venezuelan voters approved such a move in a referendum on Sunday.

“We want the peaceful rescue of the Guayana Esequiba,” Maduro said on Tuesday. “Our Guayana Esequiba has been de facto occupied by the British Empire and its heirs and they have destroyed the area.”

Reader comment:

Daniel Stumpf
So where is the 31 tons (some $2 billion) of Venezuelan gold that is stashed away in the vaults of the Bank of England RIGHT NOW; since a London High Court judge decided in July 2022, not to recognize a claim on the gold by Venezuela’s central bank, Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV)? The country’s vice president and finance minister, Delcy Rodriguez, has said BCV would undertake all necessary actions to safeguard the nation’s interests since “Venezuela flatly rejects the ruling of the British court related to the gold illegally confiscated by the Bank of England,” she told state television VTV, asking the British authorities not to continue with “the merry mockery” that former lawmaker Juan Guaido is president of a country. “He is not the president nor will he ever be. The Venezuelan people know very well who this criminal is,” Rodriguez stressed. Juan Guaido is the guy who’s ‘Florida designed’ coup d’état failed catastrophically, and who was subsequently denounced and expelled by the party he claimed to represent. Maybe, IF the UK returns the Venezuelan gold to its rightful owner, namely Venezuela, THEN the whole ‘British-Guyana-territory-thing’, just developing, will blow-over without incident? It is truly unfortunate that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Order from last week, to Venezuela, to refrain from making matters ‘worse or more complicated’ was ignored ‘for cause’.

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