Unmasking Media Misinformation with Mikki Willis of Plandemic

America’s Untold Stories

Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on “America’s Untold Stories” as they interview Mikki Willis about the thought-provoking Plandemic Series, with “The Great Awakening” being the latest chapter. Dive into Willis’s personal journey of disillusionment with socialist ideologies and his exploration of media misinformation. Witness the unveiling of media accountability and credibility as the conversation delves into the idea of digital rankings or report cards to highlight credibility and track falsehoods. Willis sheds light on the influence of pharmaceutical companies, intelligence operatives, and the CIA in newsrooms, emphasizing the importance of journalistic integrity and preventing false reporting. The potential involvement of actors in propaganda and their influence within the industry is also discussed. Explore the impact of media misinformation and the role of organizations like the World Health Organization, the CDC, and Bill Gates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how late-night talk show hosts shape the narrative and promote fear. Willis’s journey into Marxism and socialism reveals the need to focus on the bigger picture beyond distractions. The series uncovers the belief that current issues are part of a larger agenda of control, with China, traders within the US, and globalist forces playing a significant role. The influence of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is examined, questioning the narratives and biases presented by the media. The importance of questioning these narratives and not blindly accepting them is emphasized. Willis shares his personal journey of leaving the left, advocating for giving individuals who speak out against the left the benefit of the doubt. Resisting compromise, maintaining integrity, and combatting corruption are emphasized to prevent unethical behavior. He advises others to never sell out and highlights the significance of taking a stand against the corrupt system. The “Plandemic” series and the insights shared shed light on disillusionment with socialism, media misinformation, the influence of organizations and individuals, Hollywood’s role, and the importance of critical thinking. Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on “America’s Untold Stories” as they navigate through these vital topics and empower viewers to seek the truth.


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