Underestimate Russia at Your Own Risk: A Comparison of Hubris by Germany During WWII and Today’s Collective West

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In honor of the NATO summit July 11 and 12, this is a comparison of how the Nazi leadership in World War Two and today’s collective West similarly underestimated Russia and overestimated their capabilities.

Despite Russia’s overwhelming upper hand in Ukraine, Western officials and media continue to largely pump sunshine and weave stories of Russian collapse.

There are increasing breaks in the fever, and it looks like maybe, hopefully the acceptance of the loss is gaining traction in Washington.

Meanwhile, the unwillingness or inability for hardliners to objectively assess efforts against Russia occurs today just as it did during Operation Barbarossa. As Seymour Hersh writes:

There is an enormous gap between the way the professionals in the American intelligence community assess the situation and what the White House and the supine Washington press project to the public by uncritically reproducing the statements of Blinken and his hawkish cohorts.

This too is reminiscent of the Nazi offensive against the Soviet Union when the failure was hidden from the German public. Adding to the similarities is the fact that both the Third Reich command and today’s officials in the West simultaneously downplay Russia’s military capabilities while endlessly hyping the threat from Moscow.


Reader Comment:

The metaphorical way that this article seems to associate western policy makers with Hitler and Goebels is a little bit close to the truth.

This list of deranged western articles is also well complemented by The Dreizin Report’s latest series of multiple posts with videos showing destroyed Ukrainian / western equipment. As well as tragically lost lives.

The role of Russia in the Napoleonic Wars where Alexander I orchestrated the winning coalition and ended up projecting a Russian army to Paris would be another interesting comparison point.

The west has awakened a sleeping lion and has itself possibly created the military threat of a resurgent Russia that it claimed to be seeking to prevent. It will go down in history as a blunder on a similar scale to Barbarossa. You could not make it up: having lost a forever war in Afghanistan to brave men in sandals the empire chose to pick on a nuclear state with a real arms industry and a tradition of winning wars for national survival.

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