Ukraine – To Hurt Russia Means Pain For Ukraine

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Ukraine is trying to hurt Russia by hitting its refineries. But the attacks fail to have the desired effects on Russia.  The Russian response though, in form of de-energization attacks on Ukraine, seriously endanger the state.

Today the Russian Federation continued with the de-energization of Ukraine (machine translation):

As a result of a massive Russian missile attack on the night of April 11 , the Trypillya thermal power plant in the Kiev region was completely destroyed.

Located in the city of Ukrainka, Trypillia thermal power station was commissioned in 1973 and became the most powerful power plant in the Kiev region. It was also the largest supplier of electricity to the Kiev, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions.Since the Zmiyevskaya TPP in the Kharkiv region was completely destroyed on March 22, and Russian troops occupied the Uglegorsk TPP in the Donetsk region on July 25, 2022, Centrenergo has now lost 100% of its generation.

After the complete destruction of the Trypillya TPP, the network recalls the statement of Centrenergo from August 2023 that the facility is equipped with physical protection “at 100%”.

At the same time, it was reported that 70% of the work at the Zmievskaya TPP was completed. This facility was also destroyed by shelling in March of this year.

DTEK, another power supply company in Ukraine, also reported significant losses:

During the missile attack on early 11 April, Russia attacked two thermal power plants owned by DTEK company (Ukraine’s largest private investor in energy), severely damaging the equipment there.Source: DTEK press service

Reader Comment:

Since early in the SMO, I’ve followed the substack of an American ex-pat living in Kiev. He hates Russia, & has written about that throughout. All along he has bought, hook, line & sinker, all the Ukrainian lies.

The last time I looked, 1-2 weeks ago, was the 1st time I saw a post in which he admitted to the possibility that Russia could take over Ukraine. He posted about how he would deal with living under Russian rule. Basically, keep head down, low profile.

After seeing yesterday’s massive strikes, I checked in on his stack. Or tried to. He’s taken it down completely. It’s as if it never existed.

I only hope he didn’t express his hateful views in front of his very young children. First, because it will increase their terror. Second because out of the mouths of babes..

Anyway, it suggests that reality is sinking in for the everyday person in Kiev.

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