Twitter is Blocking Access to Off Guardian’s Content

For weeks they have been flagging all Off Guardian links with a fake “warning”, and suppressing OG in search results
Kit Knightly

Note the vague language – “potentially spammy”“could fall into”. They don’t even definitely say there is anything wrong, let alone what it actually is.

Since we can obviously rule out malicious software, phishing, spam and “violent content”, the only thing we can conclude is that we supposedly “violated” one of twitter’s rules. Since they don’t see fit to tell us which of their rules we’ve broken, let’s just inspect them all. They are right here in black and white and are fairly predictable:

  1. No child exploitation or child pornography
  2. No promotion of illegal practices
  3. No violence or promotion of violence
  4. No hate speech or threats
  5. No posting private information without consent
  6. No abuse or harassment
  7. No hacking, spam or fraud
  8. No plagiarism or copyright infringement

It’s all very basic stuff, and anyone even passingly familiar with our site could tell you we have never come close to breaking any of those rules. (We would be happy to argue this with anyone who comes forward to accuse us of anything specific).

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