TWC Red Flags: The Expanding Narrative Network

Amazing Polly directs our attention to the principals of the [Wellness] company, Foster Coulson and Dave Lopez and she basically reiterates who The Daily Beast (an enemy operation, if there ever was one; that “broke” Hillary Clinton’s fake Pee-Pee Dossier story, etc) published last November:

“According to LinkedIn, The Wellness Company is the child of an unlikely pairing: Foster Coulson, scion of a Canadian logging and aviation dynasty—and Dave Lopez, whom online profiles identify as a veteran not just of the Navy SEALs but of mercenary firm Blackwater and scandal-plagued anti-sex trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad. The duo did not respond to questions from The Daily Beast, and The Wellness Company and its affiliates did not answer or even acknowledge repeated queries by phone and email.

“Neither Lopez’s service, nor the millions of dollars in federal contracts the U.S. Department of Agriculture has lavished on the Coulson family firm has stopped them from profiting off fears about ‘big government.’ The Wellness Company has taken the anodyne aesthetics and ‘holistic’ bromides typical of faddish health sites and infused them with the engulfing paranoia of the prepper movement. Failed House candidate and internet conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer made this all-but explicit in a pitch for the company embedded in a livestream of a Trump rally in October.”

All of this left Polly rightly asking, “Is this just an alternative health community trying to better the world and offer people a ‘choice’ in medicine? Medical freedom? Or is this some kind of intelligence operation/spook outfit – God-knows-what they’re really up to?”