Turn Down Heating and Change Cooking Times or Face Blackouts, British Public Told


The United Kingdom is not the only country facing energy rationing. Indeed, Germany, which is one of the European countries most reliant on Russian energy, has already begun to ration in some areas, with the nation’s largest residential landlord, Vonovia, saying that it will be limiting central heating to 17C between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. in its 490,000 apartments.

The German state of Saxony has also imposed time windows in which residents will be allowed to take showers, the Financial Times reports.

While the United Kingdom is far less reliant on Russian energy imports than Germany, the supposedly Conservative government has followed many of the same green policies as Germany over the past decade. Rather than using the domestic natural resources afforded to Britain, such as fracking for natural gas on land and drilling for oil in the North Sea, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson instead focused on so-called green energy sources such as wind and solar, despite the necessary equipment often being produced in concentration camps in Communist China.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, one of the leading forces behind the ousting of Mr Johnson from the party leadership, told Breitbart London this week that the next government must abandon Johnson’s radical green agenda and exploit natural gas and oil reserves to serve as a stopgap while the country heads towards nuclear power.



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