TUCKER: The Last American Journalist and a War to Break America

By Dr. Joseph Sansone

Tucker Carlson’s interview of Russian President Vladimer Putin has faced viscous (sic) assault from government/corporate controlled fake news outlets and personalities. The Pfizer pimps are in rampage mode. Attacks range from calling Tucker Carlson a useful idiot to a Putin stooge and Putin Pawn and propogandist (sic) along with the constant repetition that Tucker Carlson is not a journalist. Of course, Tucker Carlson is actually a journalist and, in a sense, may be the last American journalist that arose out of the legacy media.

The fear and vicious attacks by media propogandists (sic) toward Tucker Carlson for interviewing Putin demonstrate how potentially dangerous this interview is to the current regime. The message is you don’t need to give your attention to this, we’ll tell you what to think. This will work on many people, however in general will backfire and this interview is likely to be one of the most watched in history, at least in the United States.


The fear of this interview is in part to the history lesson given by Putin. Although, the dictator could have been more effective if he condensed that presentation. It was the contemporary history lesson that is the threat. Putin’s rehashing the expansion of NATO since the 1990s against Russia’s objections and in violation of agreements, the color revolution and CIA orchestrated coup in Ukraine, the 2014 bombing of Donbass by Ukraine, are all issues that the fake media would prefer to keep concealed from Americans. Even more of a threat is the fact that Putin exemplifies leadership (at least from a Russian perspective) and is very capable of presenting a logical coherent case for his perspective and dispel the media myth that he is an out of control mad man. Maybe a worse threat, is the fact that Putin is signaling that a negotiated peace in Ukraine is acceptable, and the West is rigidly opposing this. If Americans process Putin’s statements about the Russian hypersonic missiles and weapons programs then it may actually register how reckless the rhetoric and actions America and the West have taken.





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