Tucker Carlson Has Gone From Fox

Generally, it was thought that Carlson was too big to sack; his show was the flagship news show of the Fox Network, beating CNN’s popularity by a magnitude of ten! He was the face of the company and he, in the age of fragmented viewing figures, set records for audience figures.

If, possibly, the most recognised and powerful news broadcaster in the world could be ejected from his profit-making chair, then what can stop the attack on freedom of speech that has been relentless during these past three years? The money he generates did not matter; the influence he had on millions no longer seems to matter; the principles of the company appear to no longer apply: Carlson was silenced when every interest of the Murdoch family, owners of Fox, who themselves are multi-multi-billionaires and not easily bullied, spoke loudly in favour of retaining him.

The capacity to have him removed shows the extensive reach of the censors of the New Agenda. Matt Le Tissier, admittedly a smaller media fish than Tucker Carlson, lost his position at SKY when he questioned the vaccines. They were able to penetrate a foundation to get rid of James O’Keefe, the one he set up and which he made recognisable. Now, it is shown with this, they can pressurise billionaire media moguls, who are (wrongly) generally assumed to be powerful enough to determine the UK’s and the US’ political landscapes, into tossing away their crown jewel. Their influence must be very great indeed.




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