This Week in the New Normal #74


In part:


On Friday Hilary Clinton gave an interview with CNN where she claimed those “MAGA” heads who still support Donald Trump should be “deprogrammed”. The republican media picked it and claimed she wanted to send people to re-education camps.

I don’t want to talk about the specifics but rather make a point about the nature of this kind of media output.

I don’t much care what Clinton says about anything, nobody should really. After all, she’s not seriously suggesting any kind of policy, and will never be in a position to enact or enforce policy again. She’s just saying something divisive and outrageous.

It’s about polarization. She says something stupid, and the Pavlovian response of the Team Blue Hat is to cheer and clap because they’ve been conditioned to approve of anything they hear from certain people. But just as important is the outrage produced in Team Red Hat.

For a while now the news hasn’t even been trying to unify opinion, it’s all about equally dolling out dopamine hits and rage bait tailored to the tastes of the opposing sides.

You are the intended target of news that makes you mad. Angry clicks count as much as happy ones.


Not a good week, but there’s always this…



All told a pretty hectic week for the new normal crowd, and we didn’t even mention last week’s “Covid” flight cancellations, Richard Madeley’s “Covid ear” or how Christianity set UFO research back decades.

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