The Winter of our Discontent

By Sylvia Shawcross

We lost all the freedoms when they took that away—freedom of speech. All of them. One by one. The right at the end of the day to be a unique being interacting, questioning and creating in a tangible reality with others. They took it all away and gave us nothing in return but a promise that we wouldn’t be afraid anymore. They who made us all afraid in the first place.

And for most that promise of safety was all that was required.

And, they in power who promised so much will grow more and more restrictive as they find themselves not knowing who their enemies are. Such truths once were obvious when we had freedom of speech. Now, the not knowing will drive them a bit mad with surveillance as if now we were “all” their enemies who snickered and plotted. They can’t know until they add yet another chain.

Each loop a fear, each fear another fear. They chain the world. Perhaps that way it will not fall apart.

But before it became so bleak that we ended up there in the chained world, we can still remember we had the truth tellers when they did not censor content. Even when they started our truth tellers found their secret words and gestures and symbols we all learned because as unique beings we craved truth.

Most of us. Maybe only some of us. It was in our nature. Some of us will not forget them, no matter how many chains we wear.


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