The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution

CJ Hopkins

So, the White Black Nationalist Color Revolution (“made possible in part by GloboCap”) appears to be going extremely well. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the Trump regime is clinging to power, but it’s only a matter of time until the identitarian moderate rebels drive the Putin-backed fascists out of office and restore democracy to the Western world.

Yes, that’s right, just when it looked like the corporate-sponsored, totally organic, peaceful uprising against racism was over, and the Russo-fascist Trump regime had survived, the Global Capitalist Anarchists of Portland and other militant “Resistance” cells have launched a devastating counter-attack against assorted fascist building facades, fascist fences, and stores, and so on, and are going mano-a-mano in the streets with heavily-armed Putin-Nazi goon squads.

According to The Guardian, and other elements of the underground “Resistance” media, peaceful protesters in Portland have been attacking the fascists with rocks, bottles, improvised explosive devices, and various other peaceful anti-racist projectiles.

In Oakland, they peacefully set fire to the courthouse. In Austin, Texas, a peaceful protester armed with an AK-47-style rifle was shot to death by a suspected fascist whose car was peacefully swarmed by a mob after he “tried to aggressively drive past protesters.”

In Los Angeles, peaceful anti-racism protesters have been whipped up into such a frenzy of righteous anti-fascist fervor that they are performing flying tackles on the cops, who then promptly beat the snot out of them. And so on … I think you get the picture.

Reader comment:

Jul 30, 2020 5:45 PM

If a murderous psychopathic empire were going to dramatically reduce the world population, in a controlled fashion, this is what it would look like.

You can’t leave all the nuclear power stations running at full capacity as people start disappearing, you need to slowly, systematically shut them down and resize facilities, transport networks to suit the new reduced demand, while all the expertise is available.
A bit like a conscientious suicide victim might put his affairs in order before he finally takes his own life.

Shutting down power plants, closing down shops tidily, closing office buildings, Hotels, Cafes, bars, discos, gyms, shutting off oil wells, mines and fisheries in an orderly fashion, as demanded is artificially suppressed by a ‘lock-down’.

After all that has been done, you can roll out the genocide, in a systematic way.

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