The War America Should be Fighting

by J. Robert Smith

The U.S.-Mexican border exists in name only.  Joe Biden erased it.  His is a wanton act of disregard for the welfare, safety, and security of Americans.  Impeachment is a must, should Republicans take charge of the U.S. House next January.  Biden’s actions amount to willful dereliction of duty that constitutes “high crimes.”  Ranking Biden administration officials running national security or law enforcement departments and agencies are culpable, too.  They should be subject to removal proceedings.

The Biden administration is dropping Title 42 this May.  That merely opens wider the floodgates to illegals and worse aggressions by Mexico’s cartels, which are pumping phenomenal amounts of killer drugs into the country.  The mainland Chinese are accessories in this for-profit assault.  Fentanyl and meth ingredients are produced by them.  Those products are shipped to Mexican cartels, which finish the manufacture, then distribute and sell these poisons in the U.S.  An estimate 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses last year, a record.  Human trafficking is a lucrative side venture for the cartels, too.


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