The Tories Should Go Extinct

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 31, 2024


The United Kingdom will not survive unless there is an explicit nationalist party. Such a party may not be as committed as we would want, but it would be something to work with. The Tories have proven over their long rule that they do not have what it takes to save Britain.

The short-term solution is Zero Seats.


Space must open for a true patriotic opposition. That means the Tories need to go. Aris Roussinos writes:

Labour’s path to power and the corresponding Tory decline rely not on a sudden wave of enthusiasm for Starmer, but instead on disengagement from the political process entirely. Cynical and disenchanted, the voters are “quiet quitting” from British democracy, even as the Westminster system’s cascading errors make them poorer and angrier.


[T]here is at least one modest victory we can console ourselves with before we crash the barriers: the destruction of the Conservative Party, at whose door half the blame for our current state of crisis can be laid. The possible extinction of the world’s oldest political party would, in less tumultuous times, seem a historic event: right now, it is the barest minimum we can hope for. . . .

There needs to be such a shock that the British Right understands there is no more time for business as usual. Even if it wins, the Labour Party is so divided over Gaza that it may not be able to do much damage — and this could give the Right time to regroup. What matters in every election is not what politicians promise but what they will do. If the Tories lose, that gives nationalists a chance. If the Tories win, the demographic transformation of Britain continues and patriots stay asleep. If the status quo continues, Britain will perish.

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