The Talk About the Imminent Collapse of the U.S. and What to do with the Nuclear Stockpile

A Modest Proposal

Civil war or civil dissolution here in the US is already happening, but what is more frightening is that this dissolution will happen and has to happen, in order to repudiate the long past payable US federal and private debt.  A conscious write-down of government debt and entitlements is politically impossible, without revolution, devolution, and/or war.   If the US were to wage war abroad, that war would need to go nuclear:  first, because it cannot be won conventionally by the US military; second, it cannot be stopped without it; and thirdly, that extreme level of “reset” is require to truly restart the debt clock.

Such a reset might be achieved by biological agents, as we suspect with the recent exercise of COVID and its various government-mandated final solutions. However, as the Davos crowd and even big Pharma understand, it’s difficult to control the narrative over time without real fear, not just propaganda-driven hysteria. Like bacteria and viruses, the human psyche, individually and collectively, adapts and survives state- and stage-directed fear-mongering to create resilient variants, some of which may be markedly dangerous to the status quo in the future.

Physical control of people is resource intensive.  It takes money – and the insidious theft by government and its cronies of trillions of dollars from voters and residents (and the rest of the world) is sustainable only when hidden from view. Government debt, at federal, state and local levels, as well as most personal and business debt, is today more often than not, pure junk.  Issuance of new currency, centralized management of money via digital fiat, or MMT, after the coming US death of money, will not even rise to the level of can-kicking.

I modestly propose that in light of the end of the American empire, in preparation for the societal and political collapse of the institutions that control the vast nuclear weapons inventory of the US, and in the interests of global environmentalism, that the major powers begin now to take steps to help facilitate the transition of the US into a non-nuclear nation.

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  1. Given that the Biden Administration recently turned over tens of billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry to the Taliban as the Defense Department hastily fled Afghanistan, one might wonder if this “Modest Proposal” by Karen Kwiatkowski is an attempt by the controlled opposition to the powers that be to prepare the “American” people for complete surrender and subjugation by the Chinese Communist Party. Certainly the removal of the walls along the Mexican border and welcoming of millions of invaders into the U.S. by the Department of Homeland Insecurity indicates the surrender of our territory and hand over of immigration and customs enforcement to Mexican drug cartels and international crime syndicates.

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