The Rantings And Ravings of Vladimir Putin – He’s On The Ropes

By Larry Johnson

Yes it is true. I just obtained a secret video of Vladimir Putin–he is in a full state of panic–warning the Russians to flee because the war is lost:

Okay. Maybe I was mistaken. But I had to post that video in honor of the western media’s reaction today to Putin’s speech announcing partial mobilization and declaring that Russian would use all of its weapons to defend itself. Instead of taking Putin at face value and acknowledging that he is not one to make idle threats, western pundits and politicians rushed to set the meme–i.e., Putin is hysterical and panicked. He is a desperate man ready to do desperate things because Ukraine is beating the crap out of Russia. Etc. Denethor is an island of tranquility compared to the anguished, despondent Putin. Or so we are told.

It it is said by “authorities” on television and repeated multiple times, it has to be true. There is no room for an alternative explanation. Does Vlad look rattled to you?


The reaction of western political leaders to Putin’s speech is alarming. Most seem to believe that Putin is just bluffing because he is losing. Therefore they promise to continue sending advanced weaponry to Ukraine that will be used to attack Russian civilians. Let me remind you specifically what Putin said about these threats:

We will without questions use ALL means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. This is not a bluff. And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the “prevailing winds” can also blow in their direction.

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