The Attack on John Wayne Is an Attack on White America

Paul Kersey, American Renaissance, February 19, 2019

Scott Eyman’s John Wayne: The Life and Legend reveals Wayne felt the 1964 Civil Rights Act violated the rights of property owners. Wayne also faced opposition because of his views on race even in his own era. A year after the 1971 Playboy interview, Wayne was made the grand marshal of the Rose Bowl Parade. The USC Daily Trojan opined that the selection of Wayne was “a gross insult to Blacks, to American Indians and to Americans of any race who believe in equality. John Wayne is blatant racist.” (p. 468) The editorial failed to dislodge him from his position.

Yet the postmortem damnatio memoriae may well succeed. It is likely there will be a movement to rename John Wayne Airport. After all, what does John Wayne have to do with the new population of Orange County, and, more broadly, California? And what does this new population have to do with the America that existed before the 1965 Immigration Act?

America was once an unapologetically white nation, and even film stars knew this to be true. Yet 2019 America is a self-hating, collapsing society. Republicans who think even an icon like John Wayne can survive demographic change are fooling themselves.

America’s elite is at war with this country’s own past, which is to say its white past. Our enemies won’t stop until every white hero is reexamined for hints of “racism.” The intent is to retcon our past — to ensure that American whites have no future.

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