Stupid Is as Stupid Does: Hillary Unchained

By Stephen Paul Foster

The eighth wonder of the modern world might be Hillary Clinton, the “wonder” being how someone with such massive deficits of character, ability, and self-awareness has been taken seriously by enough people to make her so dangerous to the rest of us. Like much of what is presented to us by the professional reality managers as true, the opposite is usually the case. This super-feminist whizz who attached herself to a hobbyist philanderer from Hope, Arkansas is profoundly stupid.

Her stupidity typically surfaces when she’s in a bind, bragging about her prowess, or is out to ruin someone in her way. The latest evidence of it was displayed in her remarks in a recent CNN interview. More on that shortly.

Without Bill Clinton, Hillary had very little going for her. He could be likable on occasion; she never has been, as sarcastically insinuated by Barack Obama in the 2008 Democrat primaries. To contemplate this charmless harridan on a non-stop cavalcade of corruption, scandal, and malfeasance on the world stage for what seems like an eternity, you may experience the onset of your worst migraine headache.

Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie

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