Soros Son Meets Zelensky as Globalists Circle Wagons Around Ukraine


The scion of the globalist George Soros Open Society Foundations network of international influence schemes, travelled to Kyiv this weekend to reaffirm his support for the Zelensky government as the largest independent financier of Ukraine.

While there is growing weariness in the West of the war in Ukraine as it approaches two years since the Russian invasion was launched, with hundreds of thousands of casualties and hundreds of billions spent for what at best could be described as a stalemate, it appears that globalist agenda setters are intent on doubling down on their support for Ukraine.

Alexander Soros, 38, who took over as the head of operations for his father’s Open Society Foundations earlier this year, travelled to Kyiv on Saturday, meeting with First Lady Olena Zelenska and later joining President Zelensky to speak at a meeting concerning the thousands of Ukrainian children currently in Russian occupied territory.


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