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[Edited] Between escalating the war on Russia, re-implementing a virus lockdown, going full speed ahead on the anti-White mania, LGBTQP madness, and now convicting the only political opposition of 34 felonies mere months from a national election he’s leading in the fake polls.. it is as if they expect no popular blow back or consequences. That means either their AI models and NSA monitoring assure them the public will be docile or they judge they have no option but to agitate the cattle regardless the risks.

From this article:

May 31, 2024 1:49 AM


+ You have “Israels plans for rebuilding Gaza”, fun articles like this from Bloomberg etc (this was in 2021) “Why the Gaza Strip May Be the City of the Future”, Saudi Arabias shitty Neom project fits right into this, the Saudis are now forcefully evicting people from the desert as well, I guess they envision the sort of like this project is for Europe( a “megaregion”, here is a bonus article that sums things up quite nicely I think:

“We are seeing a radical new stage in ruling class modalities of control. Worldwide we are seeing the creation of what we can call super-max prison geographies. Gaza is the model. It is a giant open-air concentration camp locking up the surplus and disposable Palestinian proletariat. However, this is taking place around the world. Last year, El Salvador opened a super-max prison that holds 40,000 prisoners, virtually all of them young unemployed and impoverished surplus people. After that prison was opened, Brazil, China, Thailand and other countries announced similar plans. The one in Thailand will allegedly house 60, 000 people. So we are seeing new forms of spatial control and super-max imprisonment over the mass of dispossessed humanity and the rise of authorities, dictatorial, and even fascist systems to legitimate and develop this global police state. As the crisis of global capitalism deepens, extermination becomes an option for the system. This is what is at stake in Palestine.”

Taken from this article:

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