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Posted by: GW | Jan 18 2024 14:19 utc | 26

Gonzalo Lira had a very good comprehensive video focusing especially on US / Victoria Nuland role in Ukraine.

Long story short, Victoria Nuland has basically been the president of Ukraine since 2014.

Victoria Nuland’s grandparents had traumatic events in their life, as they were jews who supposedly ran from Bessarabia from Russian pogroms in 1907. These traumatic events have been passed on to children, which is why Victoria Nuland is a psychopath and her personal motivation of hating Russia.

What is also noteworthy was, again, long story short, Ukraine was in the same boat as Russia in 1990s. US had a field day in the 90s when they could rip off Russia however they wanted. Then they suddenly realized that ‘Putin wasn’t their guy’ sometime around 2012.

While Russia had a bad decade filled with western related corruption who made lot of rich oligarchs ripping the country off, Ukraine had bad 3 decades. So Russia would be Ukraine today, if it weren’t for Putin.

This video could be what got Gonzalo killed through no help from US govt.—YDDIQ

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