Quoth the Vultures “Evermore”

By Edward Curtin

Everything is different today, except for the propaganda and the wars.  A look back to Vietnam is crucial for understanding what’s happening now . . . .

Then, it would destroy a village in order to save it; today, it will destroy the world in order to save it.  It is the logic of madmen in the grip of evil beyond description. Yet most people repress the thought that nuclear war is very close.

All the mainstream media headlines about Ukraine echo the US propaganda about the American War against Vietnam. Just substitute the word Russian for National Liberation Front or Viet Cong.  They are suffering extraordinary casualties. The tide is turning. “The enemy was being taught the hard way,” writes Harris, “that aggression does not pay.  We were steadily destroying their capacity to fight…Victory was just around the corner.”

It’s easy to laugh at the parallels until a vulture comes calling.  The seeming unreality of their visitation is only equaled by the delusional nature of what passes for news today.


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