Prophetic? EU once paid for a comic book that showed how it BOTCHED response to PANDEMIC
A pandemic has claimed a million lives despite a vaccine sent from the future, yet EU officials are patting themselves on the back for a good job and mull even more bureaucracy. That is how a comic book published by the EU ends.

While there is no shortage of epidemic fiction out there, some titles are more obscure than others. The comic book “Infected” by French writer Jean-David Morvan is not an international bestseller, yet it surely stands out. For one, despite being released in 2012, it features some of the hot-button elements of the real Covid-19 pandemic we are living through today. And it was also published by the EU, so you may guess who the ultimate “good guys” in it are.

In a nutshell, the comic is about a man who travels from the future to our time to prevent a devastating global infection with the help of a hot Chinese assistant to the UN’s top epidemic expert.


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