Precedent of charging Bolsonaro with ‘crimes against humanity’ threatens leaders that deviate from the western Covid narrative

By Rachel Marsden, columnist, political strategist and host of an independently produced French-language program that airs on Sputnik France. Her website can be found at

By recommending charges of “crimes against humanity” against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro over the way he handled the pandemic, a senate panel there is setting a dangerous and irrational precedent for the world.

The Brazilian high chamber commission has recommended nine criminal charges in total against President Jair Bolsonaro over his handling of the Covid pandemic, including “charlatanism,” “prevarication,” and “incitement to crime.”

From the outset, Bolsonaro has resisted liberticidal and economically suicidal measures adopted by western nations. Relative to its population, it doesn’t seem that Brazil was ultimately much more or less spared from Covid than other nations, regardless of the machinations, rhetoric, and hand waving in which others chose to engage contrary to the leader nicknamed the “Trump of the Tropics.”


For anyone willing to look objectively, it’s difficult to see how Bolsonaro’s handling of the crisis is any worse than the lies, obfuscation, manipulation, liberticide, and mismanagement demonstrated by so many other authorities in western nations who all seem to be closing ranks in order to protect each other from us – average citizens whose lives they’ve turned upside down in the interest of self-preservation.

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