Oracle Supercomputer: COVID-19 ‘Highly Adapted’ for Human (Not Bat or Pangolin) Infection.


Simulations conducted by Oracle supercomputing revealed COVID-19 to be “highly adapted” for human infection, discrediting the claim of the virus counting natural origins through a spillover event from wildlife to humans.  As revealed in Sharri Markson’s What Really Happened In Wuhan, Flinders University Professor and Research Director at Vaxine Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky used an Oracle supercomputer’s “in silico modeling” approach to identify COVID-19’s original host.

Proponents of the “natural origins” theory – including many Chinese Communist Party-compromised scientists – have attached significance to the virus’s host being a bat, arguing the animal transferred COVID-19 to a person at a wet market.

Petrovsky’s findings, which appear to identify humans as the original host of COVID-19, undercut the theory that the virus was transferred from animal to human but rather originated in humans independent of an animal.

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