Open Borders – Why Not Just Invite the Entire World to the U.S.?


America’s southern, and perhaps northern, border is open for business, lined with welcome mats, neon lights, and a sign flashing, “come one, come all.”

To even call the physical boundary of the United States “a border” is a miscarriage of language.

Today’s reality is that there is no national border. At least for those crossing by foot or caravan. For those attempting to enter the U.S. legally, by following the law and visa application process, it’s a nightmare of rules, delays, cost, and frustration.


Since Biden took office in early 2021, the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has “encountered” almost 8 million border crossers, the majority young military age males. In August alone, that number was 232,972, an annualized rate of 3 million migrants a year.

December is no better with 300,000 migrant arrests, as Fox News reported. Those arrested are told to appear in court up to a decade later. Good luck with that.

Trump promised to “Build a wall.”

Biden promised in Reagan-parody fashion to “Tear down the wall.” He ordered his border agents to cut Texas’ barbed wire fence, at least until a judge put a temporary hold on Biden’s wall tear down.

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Invaders at Eagle Pass, Texas welcomed by Customs and Border Patrol.

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