Off Guardian — Discuss: The EU Elections and the “Rise of the Far Right”


First, the European Union elections are over and done with, and the announced results proclaim the rise of the “far right” all over the continent…except not really.

If you actually look at the results, it’s a swing of ~40 seats total, which isn’t so much when 720 seats were up for grabs (including 14 that hadn’t previously existed).

The end result will be the same as always –  two major voting blocks keeping each other in more-or-less stalemate while unelected bureaucrats push the real agenda behind the scenes. Just as the EU machinery was constructed to function.

But that doesn’t stop the story being the scary far-right parties coming to get you.

Nonetheless, French President Emmanuel Macron is apparently so cognizant of the people’s will that the rise in the far-right has forced him – forced him – to call a snap election.

This is totally about respecting the will of the people, and not at all about the captain desperately resigning his commission just before the iceberg hits.

If he loses he’ll be the latest of the Covid-era leaders to enthusiastically grab their coat and powerwalk out the door. A very interesting trend.

Speaking of…

The story unfolding in Belgium is interesting. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo resigned today following his “crushing defeat by the far-right” in Sunday’s general election. And yet Belgium’s EU seats look to have swung to the left-aligned parties. Odd.

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Robert Fico
Robert Fico


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