New Zealand PM’s resignation might leave China nervous


By Timur Fomenko, political analyst

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced she will resign in February, saying she doesn’t have “enough in the tank” to keep going, ending a six-year tenure in Wellington which, for the most part, was praised around the world. Some called her “one of the greatest prime ministers in New Zealand’s history.”

But as she leaves office, there will be big geopolitical ramifications as well. China, for one, will be watching events in New Zealand carefully, and will be nervous about whether her successor, whoever that might be, will continue to follow what was Ardern’s “China-friendly” foreign policy, a notion which often put her at odds with her Five Eyes allies.

Reader comment:

“For some to refer to Jacinda Ardern as the ‘greatest prime minister ever’ is absurd. That’s why they’re anonymous and referred to simply as ‘some.’ Truth be known, Jacinda Ardern has been the most wretched prime minister ever, with strict China-like pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Citizens where jailed for not capitulating to the vaccine. What’s more, She exploited a shooting which occurred on New Zealand soil by a foreigner to punish her own compatriots, fast-tracking the most sweeping, draconian seizure of New Zealander’s gun rights in the history of that nation.”

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