Music for Work [Artificial Intelligence Mix]

Can robots replace humans in music production and when is it gonna happen? Answering this question is no easy task. No one can know for certain, what will occur and what will be created. Modern technologies and latest developments show us that making music will become increasingly computer-based and AI-driven, and lastly, it may serve as a window to the past, held open by any musicians continuing to create music in more traditional ways. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been part of popular discussion since the 1980s, but only recently has it started to look like an actual possibility. Deep learning is a part of machine learning where AI mimics how humans think. It creates patterns based on data and information it receives from the internet. AI uses resources like social media and search engines such as Google and Youtube to learn music history and different songs. AI then uses the information it learns to distinguish patterns, tempos, and notes to create its own melodies. But we hope Artificial Intelligent composers will not take over an artists’ job. However, it will shape the world with the expansion of creating new music and evolving life.

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