Message from Archbishop Vagano


One US Archbishop is now silenced-Gateway Pundit posted about him too-
here is his letter


It now seems clear to me that the main purpose of this grotesque health
charade is the imposition of a control system for individuals,
implemented through the so-called green pass. We know that the health
passport had been designed years ago, but that in order to make it
mandatory it was necessary to create a pandemic emergency and force the
population – through blackmail or the threat of sanctions – to allow
themselves to be injected with an experimental drug for which the
producer, the State, and whoever administers it do not assume any
responsibility, pouring it instead onto the patient. Just yesterday, the
FDA decided to make public the reasons for approving the Pfizer vaccine
only in 2076: this gives ample proof of the criminal mind behind the
screen of public health.

We see therefore that we have an elite of criminals, gathered together
in the World Economic Forum to conceive the Great Reset and in the
United Nations to implement the Agenda2030, who have decided to decimate
the population of the planet through some “scenarios” described in
detail. They destroy national economies, cause poverty and unemployment,
create discrimination and violations of fundamental rights with the sole
purpose of controlling survivors, tracing their movements, modifying
their lives, deciding their thinking, and establishing their health
regime. This work includes the collaboration of rulers, public
officials, doctors, magistrates, law enforcement agencies, the media and
– as if that weren’t enough – even religious leaders. Calling it a
“conspiracy theory” is an understatement: it is a coup d’état pursued
with a clear mind and determination, a crime against humanity. Its
purpose is precisely to control us: to make us slaves and customers of a
system that is about to implode, in which those who have made the most
profits in the past creating the crisis, are now preparing to carry out
the “fourth industrial revolution” – as Klaus Schwab calls it – to
continue accumulating power and money.

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