Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti removed the name of Catholic Saint Junipero Serra from a city park in the name of “cultural sensitivity.”

by Paul Bois

In an announcement on Columbus Day – what leftists now refer to as Indigenous Peoples Day – Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Serra’s name will be removed to correct “mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

“Los Angeles is a city of belonging that takes responsibility for the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” he said. “Our indigenous brothers and sisters deserve justice and today we take a step toward delivering both greater cultural sensitivity and spaces for Angelenos to gather and perform their traditional ceremonies.”


[I would argue that “Los Angeles” needs to take responsibility for the mistakes it is making in erasing American history and waging demographic warfare against the white, European descendants of the original settlers on this continent in what is popularly referred to as The Great Replacement.  Flooding the nation with illegal aliens and lawful immigrants from the Third World just adds salt to the wounds that the original inhabitants of this continent have had inflicted upon them.  It’s idiotic to believe that after stealing land from the American Indians, it somehow rights past wrongs by importing “people of color” to take more of the stolen land from Native Americans.  We need to address the current cultural and demographic war that our politicians are waging against American citizens and see that they are removed from office.  — S. Byron Gassaway — Webmaster]

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