Lefties are the worst when it comes to cancel culture and handing out Twitter fatwas – why are they always hunting for traitors?

The vituperative game of accusation and counter-accusation being played out online by left-wing media personalities desperate to stay relevant is unseemly, infantile and petty – but it also endangers free speech and free thinking.

One of the worst literary cliches in the book is quoting some dead white man as an opening gambit – just to show your opponents how clever you are. As Oscar Wilde wrote: “I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.”

But jokes aside, while no one really reads Wilde’s aphoristic Hallmark scribblings beyond the odd line or two, one has to admire his dramatis personae of foes, notched up over a ‘complicated’ adult life that saw him come to metaphorical blows with the novelist Henry James, the painter James Whistler and tragically the Marquess of Queensbury, father of his homosexual lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, whose indiscretion ultimately led to Wilde landing a two-year jail term with hard labour following a conviction for ‘gross indecency’ and sodomy.



Ideological totalitarian fanaticism always looks for traitors. Everyone has to think the same, if you deviate one bit from the perfectly correct line you are unacceptable. It’s how totalitarian ideology functions. It wants always more, more… because it is essentially a pathology where all realism and common sense have been ditched, and they were replaced by a self amplifying ideological vicious circle where the ideologists are now imprisoned. They don’t live in reality, Ideology is their reality, and if someone slips into reality instead of staying inside ideology, he is the enemy, because he “contaminates” it with something else, while the ideology is precisely about destroying everything else. Such kind of ideology, totally alienated from reality, must constantly purify itself. It feeds on the fight against the enemies of that ideology, because its sense of righteousness comes from fighting those who think “wrong” (This is particularly true of leftist ideologies, because they are fundamentally about battling the “evil ones” – everybody else). You are only good if you perpetually battle the “wrong” and the “evil” (according to that ideology). It is a self feeding, self sustaining motion, and they simply cannot stop and contemplate reality. They are prisoners of their self created vicious circle. Also, ideology is essentially a negation of reality, and if reality contradicts ideology, then reality is wrong because our ideology simply cannot be wrong – it is the reality.
The funniest part is they call this uniformity of thought, ideas and behavior “diversity” 😀

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