Kristi Noem rips Joe Biden in CPAC 2021 speech

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at CPAC.

Dr. Anthony Fauci had a terse response Sunday to South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem’s assault on him on the Conservative Political Action Conference: Numbers “don’t lie.”

Noem acquired a standing ovation from the CPAC viewers in Orlando, Florida, Saturday after she boasted that she had by no means ordered a “single business or church to close” to assist stem (sic) the unfold (sic) of COVID-19 — and one other when she mentioned Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is “wrong a lot” in regards to the pandemic.


A few years back there was a movie called "Juan Of The Dead",
a joint Cuban/Spanish production shot mostly in Havana. It was,
obviously, one of those zombie films. Juan and friends eventually
formed an underground business to rid people of pesty zombies -
some hook like "We kill your loved ones"  

The interesting bit was that through the entire zombie plague,
everybody was convinced that the zombies were the dread
American Kapitalists and "Enemies Of The Revolution". 

Why ? Because with the State micro-managing all news and
narrative since the 50s this was the only possible way people
could think. It was Reality - just like witches and demons
were Real not all so long ago. The government memes and slogans
were drilled into everyone's head since childhood. 

And THIS is what OUR left wants to do - and IS in the process
of doing via its friends in the cyber universe and MSM. There
will be only one reality, theirs. Only one narrative, theirs. Only
one truth, theirs. The "free press" will be free- to deliver lefty
truths or lefty truths or lefty truths. Their way or, well, there
will be no other way. Like the days of the Inquisition,
any Galileo will be crushed. 

"Can't get us all" ??? Wrong. They'll get to your friends and
children - who will turn you in for brownie points like in the
good old STASI days. 

If you ask a good commie why leftism never worked out well
they will tell you it was because some of the world still remained
non-commie. The fix is to fix that - commie 24/7 everywhere
all the time. THEN their retarded ideology will work for sure
and it'll be a paradise ............

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