IT BEGINS: Muslims Riot in the Street of France after Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal Designates Friday a “Day of Jihad” After Slaughtering 1,000 Jews


As The Gateway Pundit first reported, Khaled Mashal, the former leader and founding member of Hamas, has called for a global Muslim uprising in support of Palestine. During a recent address posted on YouTube, Mashal emphasized the need for Muslims to sacrifice and carry Jihad, including the willingness to offer their blood and souls to advance the Palestinian cause.

Mashal has proclaimed the coming Friday the 13th as “the Friday of Al-Aqsa flood,” urging Muslims worldwide to display their anger not just in Muslim countries but also in diaspora communities around the world.

The name Al-Aqsa means “the farthest mosque” or “the farthest sanctuary.” The mosque is located within the Haram al-Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, Israel.

This is nothing short of an undisguised call for international unrest. Given the volatility of the situation in Gaza and the broader Middle East, these words should not be taken lightly. The intention is to send a “message of rage” to Israel and the United States, but what might actually be unleashed is a wave of violence and discord that could engulf multiple nations.


On Thursday, Muslims rioted in Paris in support of the Hamas attacks against Jews.

Police pushed back against the Muslim protesters.

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