Is the MSM Signaling a change in the Russia-Ukraine Narrative?

By Kit Knightly

Two major incidents in the last week suggest we might be about to see a change in the narrative surrounding the Russian war in Ukraine.

First we saw Piers Morgan interviewing economist and former US diplomat Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.

Sachs is noted for his eloquent and historically literate takes on the history of NATO and Russia and his persistent warning on the danger of World War III, all of which he repeated during an interview where Morgan’s essentially just let Sachs talk.

Why? The people who run Morgan’s show know exactly what Sachs was going to say – not least because he said it all in an 3 hour interview with Tucker Carlson last month – so why did they invite him on?

Guests on high profile programs like that are vetted to the max, and if they might say something the producers don’t want their audience to hear they don’t get invited on.

Taboo opinions are simply never given a platform, it is the first and most effective form of censorship.

People like Peter Hitchens have praised the interview, claiming Morgan was “reduced to goggling silence” by the facts:


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