Hungarian Rock Star Justice Minister Judith Varga in Texas: “Weak America” Leads to War – Hungary Doesn’t Want US Wokeness


Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga kicked off her visit to the USA in Dallas over the weekend with a sideswipe at the failing Biden Regime, remarking that “a weak America allows escalation to happen” and warning against woke politics: Hungarians “don’t want what has become reality (in the USA) to  become a reality in Hungary”. 

“We see that a weak America allows escalation to happen, so we are interested in a strong America because it is the key to the symbolic door of peace from a Hungarian perspective,” Minister Varga said in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Varga shared that a move towards peace talks, rather than escalation, was also in the interest of Europe and the rest of the world. Minister Varga said weapons deliveries represented “an opposite direction”, adding that it was important for there to be American leadership in the future “that has a better grasp … of which steps could lead to escalation or de-escalation”.


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