Harvard hoisted by own petard as ‘diversity’ students protest decision to deny tenure to ‘grievance studies’ professor

These programs are established as distinct from and at odds with the rest of the academy. Grievance studies scholars describe the rest of the academy as “a hotbed for racist, sexist theorizing, research, and practices since its inception.”

Considering the accomplishments in other fields as due to white supremacy means that the standards in other fields reflect white supremacism as well. As a result of rejecting the standards in other fields, dismissing rigor as sexist, and deeming excellence as white supremacist, the “lack of legitimacy given to ethnic studies continues to plague not only the programs, but also the professors who created and maintain them.”

Basically, lots of people, even inside the ivory towers, think that they are charlatans.
Yet how much respect do proponents of gender studies, masculinities studies, queer studies, sexuality studies, psychoanalysis, critical race theory, critical whiteness theory, and fat studies actually expect?