Finland Prepares for Possible ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Migrant Surge At Russian Border


The Finnish Parliament’s Administrative Committee is looking to make changes to the Emergency Powers Act and the Border Guard Act in order to better prepare the country for a possible surge of illegal crossing attempts if Russia sends illegals to the border and engages in the so-called “hybrid warfare” used by Belarus against Poland last year.

The new rules would allow the government to completely close the border and suspend all asylum applications, leaving just Helskini’s main airport as the only point migrants would be able to apply for asylum, broadcaster Yle reports.

Riikka Purra, chairman of the Administrative Committee, commented on the new policies saying it was vital in an emergency that asylum applications were not being processed at the border with a foreign neighbour engaging in hybrid warfare policies.

Reader comments:

this is the first recognition of illegal immigration as a weapon i believe. it does work. look at the damages it causes. it hasn’t helped america


This may be a ploy by the leftist matriarchy that runs Finland to deflect any “migrant” problems it has created during its tenure. Now they have a scapegoat, and a simple explanation for “migrant” crime, especially that against children: the Russians did it!

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