‘Finish the job’


In a very public way, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded the Biden administration give him the tools to ‘finish the job’ in Gaza. Is this a demand to finish the genocide? Again, this sounds like a blank check to cross any and all red lines.

CrossTalking with Lionel, Elijah J. Magnier, and Michael Maloof.


Reader comments:

albert Sordi

And Peter mentioned that the Israeli response to the Iranian attack on Israel was subdued. Not at all, with the help of Israel’s Azerbijani allies, they assassinated the Iranian president and Foreign Minister.

7:53 AM
albert Sordi

Peter cut-off Prof. Magnier has he was ending the program making a significant point. Magnier was about to say that the payback to Israel at the petro-chemical plants in Haifa will be equal to the near- nuclear explosion the Mossad pulled off in 2020 at the Port of Beirut.

7:50 AM

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