EU border chief forced to step down

The European Union’s top border protection official has resigned following claims that years of rights abuses occurred under his watch, including the alleged mistreatment of [invaders] who arrived in the bloc’s territory.

Fabrice Leggeri, a French national who headed up the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, commonly known as ‘Frontex,’ confirmed his departure in a statement obtained by several media outlets on Friday.

“I give my mandate back to the Management Board as it seems that [the] Frontex mandate on which I have been elected and renewed in late June 2019 has silently but effectively been changed,” he said.

Reader comment:

Globalists and euro-banksters : “We’re going to import a lot of our racial favourites, and then pretend we are all for your “security” and “safety” when a few of them predictably attack you. Our globalist media will bully and intimidate you into submission so that you get used to and mimic our lies. And, just in case you get any ideas about getting rid of us and our politicians and media, we’re going to put you under continual surveillance and pretend this is for your “security and safety” too. We know what morals are, you don’t. Obey”.

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