Elon Musk defends Germany’s anti-immigration AfD party following EU election results

Elon Musk took to his platform X following the German election results in support of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. In his post, which is a reply to pro-AfD activist Naomi Seibt, he asks why there is such a negative reaction to the party and states his belief that the party has sound policies.

“Why is there such a negative reaction from some about AfD? wrote Musk, adding: “They keep saying ‘far right,’ but the policies of AfD that I’ve read about don’t sound extremist. Maybe I’m missing something.”


The post comes following AfD’s strong showing in the German elections, where the party scored 16 percent of the vote and became the second-strongest party in Germany. In the same thread, Professor Stefan Homburg stated that the AfD is not any different than the CDU party in the 1990s before it became a “green lockdown party” under former Chancellor Angela Merkel, to which Musk replied: “Ok.”

The AfD party is now the strongest party in the eastern German states and is tied as the most popular party among those under 24 years old with the Christian Democrats (CDU). However, just months ago, it was polling at over 20 percent, with the party shedding support due to relentless media attacks, attacks from fellow right-wing parties in Europe, and Germany’s domestic intelligence service targeting the party.

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