Dubious Caesar: The Stabbing Of Joe Biden

By Indi.ca

Joe Biden has been getting old in public for 81 years, this was not news. It’s literally olds. The political and news castes made this a story in 2024, in an attempt to overthrow him. You could see the conventional logic turn overnight, like someone couped the radio and TV stations. The talking heads went from ‘Joe Biden is my friend and how dare you question him’ to ‘Joe Biden is my friend and must be defenestrated.’ Elites are now calling for an ‘open’ convention, pointedly after it’s impossible for ordinary Americans to vote. What we witnessed in the earliest debate in American history was the latest ruse in the longest running theatrical production in the world. American elections.


A pox on all their media houses, their houses of representatives, their white houses. Mercutio’s curse has already come true for America. The historical fact is a plague (COVID-19) already killed the American Empire, likely Swiss-cheesed the brain of its last non-barbarian emperor, and is merely a sign of the times that are ending overall. The signal is taking a while to reach the brains of its empty talking heads, but the precipitating events of American collapse have already happened. The throne has already fallen and the last few decades have just been pieces falling on the little people. Biden is actually a true representative of the White Empire which is visibly dying in front of us.

Joe Biden has been getting old for 81 years and this sudden ‘news’ has been common knowledge for anyone that can count. His main alternative in Trump is 78 and the fake leftist alternative Bernie Sanders is even older at 82. This is real late-stage empire shit, like Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko who all died in office before taking the whole USSR with them. Mark my words and flush these turds, Joe Biden won’t live much longer, and neither will the United States of America. I’d say good riddance were there not so much wickedness left in them. Instead I’ll say how it all feels. “So long.”



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