Donald Tusk: mass migration is a ‘civilisational threat’

By Unherd Staff

Donald Tusk, Poland’s new prime minister, said mass migration was a civilisational threat in a Sunday speech.

“Please believe me – and I say this also looking at what is happening in the US today – this is a question of the survival of our Western civilisation,” Tusk said, according to Notes from Poland. “We [must] wake up and understand that we have to protect our territory, our borders, that if we are open to all forms of migration without any control, our world will collapse.”

Tusk, a liberal, took over as PM in December after eight years of rule by the Right-wing Law and Justice party, and he is widely viewed as a foil to Poland’s past conservative leadership on a host of issues, including his pro-EU position. Thus his strong anti-immigration remarks come as something of a surprise.

The comments came in response to a question about the country’s border with Belarus, a hotspot for illegal immigration of African and Middle Eastern migrants into Poland. The Polish government has handled this through “pushbacks” of migrants back into Belarus, drawing the ire of humans rights organisations. More than 6,000 pushbacks occurred over the past six months.

Reader comment:

Howard S.

A qualification to the statement that mass migration is a civilizational threat. To the extent that migrants blend into the culture and society of their new country, adopting its values and mores, that is how civilizations grow, rather than ossify and stagnate. When these immigrant populations try to recreate the dysfunctional Third World hell they came from, building mosques and setting up schools to teach their children and grandchildren how to maintain that dysfunctional hell here on our shores for their future generations, that is how our civilization is destroyed.

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