Dining Out in “Woke Amerika

You can almost smell the armpits, crotches and bad breath of these “woke” hooligans.  I submit the theory (my own) that the segment of SARS COV2 that contains the rabies virus is causing mass insanity in those who have been exposed to COVID 19.  Perhaps Elon Musk’s G5 satellites are being used to steer this madness, although the weekly police shootings of unarmed black men in the back doesn’t help. I suspect that the various police departments have their Dylan Roof-like characters that help incite more violence. What their motives are are open to speculation. With the prevalence of smart phone cameras and social media, we are well on our way to a “color revolution”.  — S. Byron Gassaway


…..and “put your mask on MF’er”


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