Did the Sputnik V inventor just murder his own vaccine?

by Riley Waggaman

Alexander Gintsburg is the father of Sputnik V, Russia’s 500,000% effective COVID vaccine. He also recently won a trophy in recognition of his lifelong pursuit of total failure and creepy business dealings.

He is the highest-rated scientist on Yelp and serves as director of “the world’s leading research institution,” which bears a striking resemblance to a homeless shelter.

Gintsburg had it all—and then he threw it all away.

Just look at what he did to himself and his precious injection [emphasis added]:

Director of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg called for the introduction of the QR code system for vaccination against coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation at the federal level as soon as possible.

“I always insist that it is necessary not only to introduce QR codes as quickly as possible, but with their help to strictly demarcate opportunities for interaction between the vaccinated and unvaccinated,” he said on Saturday.

Gintsburg also recalled the need to comply with epidemiological safety measures, in particular, the wearing of masks.

“The mask primarily protects against those people who are not vaccinated, who do not have protective antibodies. And the wearing of masks by the vaccinated makes it possible to prevent the transmission of the pathogen from the person who is vaccinated and who does not know that he is a carrier to those people who are not vaccinated,” he said.

Let’s pause here for a moment. Close your eyes. Allow Gintsburg’s soggy word salad to marinate in your mind. (You didn’t close your eyes, did you?)

Sputnik V’s main dude says Russia needs vaccine segregation right now, and he also says that anyone who got his safe and effective shot is probably a two-legged super-spreader passing out bags of coronavirus like Bioweapon Santa—without even realizing it.

Maybe it’s time for a lockdown of the vaccinated? These “people” are dangerous!



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