Democrats play havoc with history, cite King Louis XVI in effort to impeach Trump

House Democrats laid out their case for impeachment in a report that takes great liberties with US as well as European history. The end result comes off as a lame attempt to hide a lack of evidence behind pomp and verbosity.

The ‘Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment’ is a pretentious 52-page history lesson that screams between the lines that not only are the Democrats the world’s worst sore losers, but they are unscrupulous enough to drag America through an impeachment process without a shred of evidence against the President. That much is obvious by the report’s conspicuous effort to pummel the reader with archaic names, dates and historical events that have little relevance at all to the present.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down with a hard copy of the text and randomly flipped open to page 32, which began with not only a blast from the distant past, but from an entirely different country: “Many officials were impeached for non-criminal wrongs against the British system of government,” the line began, before naming “the Duke of Buckingham (1626), the Earl of Strafford (1640), the Lord Mayor of London (1642), the Earl of Orford and… Governor General Warren Hastings (1787).”

In case the reader missed the beginning of that sentence, allow me to repeat it: “[M]any officials were impeached for non-criminal wrong…” In other words, it appears that the Democrats are attempting to build an impeachment case against Donald Trump on the premise – largely based on legal precedent from another historical time and place – that it’s perfectly legitimate to impeach a sitting President who has committed no real crime. That idea weaves its slippery way throughout the text.