Dem Congresswoman wants ‘truth commission’ to target ‘white supremacy’ and rein in ‘far-right media’ over US Capitol riot


Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-California) has suggested a “truth commission” to tackle “racial injustice” and “white supremacy” in the US, as well as holding “far-right media” and others accountable for the US Capitol riot.

Jacobs floated her idea while appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ on Sunday and said the reason for this “truth commission” proposal is because “we haven’t really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do.”

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, according to Jacobs, was “just the start” and more people who “incited, encouraged, or committed acts of violence” need to be held “accountable.”

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