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When the USA and its vassal states kicked Russia out of the SWIFT system, those same European countries, at the direction of the USA, also confiscated $300 BILLION worth of reserves that Russia had, violating the fiduciary trust of those same countries, AND made it so that those countries could no longer pay Russia in euros or dollars.  Putin basically said, ‘you cut off our access to your currencies, you STOLE our money, and yet insist we accept your euros or dollars, through a system we can’t even access…?  NO.  You need natural gas, you need oil?  Fine, you pay for it with either OUR rubles, or gold.  We don’t run a fucking charity around here, ok?

The net result is that Russia has been pushed straight into China’s arms, with the MIR financial system Russia has built over the last decade (they could see where this was going, and got ready).  China is now using the MIR system, along with India and Pakistan.  It won’t take long until poodle countries of Europe are forced to dump their euros and dollars, to buy gold or rubles, to keep their countries from literally running out of gas…

Combined with Operation Sandman, where 130+ countries are all lined up to repudiate the dollar simultaneously, it means that the rest of the world is going for a little payback for all the shit the US government has pulled since… oh, 1913?  Yeah, they’re all lining up to give us a swift kick in the teeth.

What this means is that our paper currency will quickly become as desirable as Marks in Weimar Germany.   And if you think that’s an exaggeration, you might want to check out the amount of money printed by the US government in the last couple of years…  that grey spikey thing on the right?  Yeah, that’s hard cash printed out…  remember those pallets of $100 bills which were carried on C-130 planes to Iran?  Yeah.



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